March 03, 2008

all you (never) wanted to know about dizzy & the

dizzyfirefly is apparently a poet, & has been performing around KL for the past year & also at the Singapore Writers Festival ’07. Her highlight of '07 was winning DiGi’s Apostrophe Short Short Story competition, where she used 16 words to travel Bali. She has been published by MPH, British Council, & also made her own zine, Paper Trails For Strangers.

The Alia is a classically trained musician, playing & teaching piano, cello and keyboards. She has also played in & around Malaysia, Singapore & Bangkok as part of Malaysian indie band Furniture. Other than the previously mentioned instruments, she also plays the guitar, her vocal chords & kitchen pots & pans.

They have been friends for years but never thought of collaborating until recently. They are currently recording have recorded their first EP.