November 05, 2010

peering out of our cave

Hullo! We took ourselves off the shelf, dusted our shoulders a little, and are making ourselves look presentable for TWO shows tomorrow :D

Show #1: Launch of Artisan Roast

The's bandmate Alang and his friends just opened up a coffee place off Jalan Ampang. We'll be playing alongside Azmyl Yunor and Reza Salleh - a chilled out set amongst pretty shady trees and cups of good coffee. Event details here.

Show #2: Taylor's University's Indo Night

The good folk at Taylor's University are hosting an Indo Night tomorrow featuring a variety of Indonesian acts, food, etc. We're wondering how we'll fit in as usual, but Dizzy suspects The's Indonesian blood might come in handy. Details here.

Come ah or we don't friend you.

July 05, 2010

urbanscapes 2010 + palate palette 31 July

We wish we had more stuff to show you from our session under the tree at Urbanscapes, but so far we've only uncovered one video (thank you Wayne!) of strangely enough, Believe Me I Saw It On The Internet. It's a poem to my cat which I wrote because she was trying to walk into the microwave.

What we did different THIS time at our gig was before we started, we passed around bits of paper containing one poem from our setlist. It was randomly assigned and we did spot some people trading poems after the show, which was what we hoped would have happened. In the past we've had people come up to us before saying they missed out on a few words (A GREAT EXAMPLE is the poem Wayne shot because frankly it's a bit crazy).

Maybe we'll do this at all our shows from now on?

See for yourself at Palate Palette, 31 July at 9:30pm. RM15 gets you in with a drink.

(applicable to everyone who isn't perving on Katy Perry the same night, that is)

the wknd sessions, a video we should've put up AGES ago!

Immigrant & Interpreter + Prime Number

Thanks to popteevee and The Wknd!

April 01, 2010

fashion for passion

We are performing tomorrow (Friday, Apr 2) for a really great cause.
Thanks to Su Mei for inviting us. Here's hoping you haven't been pranked too often this April Fool's day.
See you tomorrow!

February 20, 2010

our letter to JUICE

which we've just sent and would also like to share to new friends landing here from the article about us in the February issue of JUICE magazine. (for those who haven't seen it yet, we're trying to find a scanner).

As well excited as we were when the call came for us to play around in your February issue, we've just read the accompanying article, and figured we should set a few things straight. 
  1. Our EP is not at all available at "the best record stores", only through us. Unfortunately we only handmade a few hundred copies, & they're all sold out.
  2. The first page of our effort seems to have skipped publication, & so we'd like to clarify that only the second half of Wildcats was printed.
  3. Most importantly, Dizzy is Liyana, & The is Alia in our little duo— really not vice versa!
We would have gladly provided these details & our blog to JUICE along with Wildcats if we had known they were needed. After all, our memory of being named your Best Spoken Word Album of 2009 is still fresh in our heads, and now we have you to thank again for our biggest spread in a magazine to date. 

Dizzy (Liyana) & The (Alia)

Our next post, hopefully, will be the complete version of our handwritten Wildcats for everyone to read. Once we find it! 

PS: We have a pretty ridiculous idea for our next release, and hopefully things will be set into motion before middle 2010. We'll flood you with updates when we're done working it out.

January 09, 2010

dizzy & the's first post of 2010

our first project of the year had nothing to do with a performance. It took all day and we're pretty happy with it. Watch out for Juice Magazine's issue next month (I think).

This is the first photo of us taken in 2010. Thank you, Adrianna Tan!

December 22, 2009

we're 2nd runner-up in Junksounds!

I know I cast my vote for Arabyrd and Tenderfist, but thank you everyone who chose to vote for us! We somehow persisted in that mad sweep of winning Indonesians and came in as 2nd runner-up in the Electronic/Fusion category!

Congratulations as well to Goodnight Electric :)

PS: hey, that's not our myspace...