March 18, 2008

being in earshot

Thank you to the surprising number of people who showed up at Earshot last week & were patient enough to wait and listen. Alia and I feel really grateful that you came to see Amateur Takes Control and our amateurish selves at our very first Singapore show (and second time onstage ever). Thank you to the six people who bought Paper Trails For Strangers, the four people who gave compliments at length, and that one girl who cried.

Thank you to Razi, Adel, and the rest of the ATA boys for loving what we do enough to make the gig happen. Thank you to Abu who agreed to be our broke babysitter, packed his backpack last minute & came along with camera. Thank you to Naz and Tash, my Singaporean lovers for taking us out to eat afterwards. Thank you Candy for being such a comfy, nice-smelling (yet temperamental) car. Thank you to everyone who understood what a big deal this was for us. Thank you, Prince of Wales.

I love you, The Alia, for being the irreplaceable other half of Dizzy & The.

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