December 07, 2009

our performance at book launch of 'What Your Teacher Didn't Tell You'

feel the need to relive our last performance (of the year possibly) over and over again?!! well even if you don't, we'll just leave it here anyway, just in case you might want to, who knows.

credit for the video goes to our 200th ep customer! thank you!


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dizzy said...

hey, just so you know the guy who performed before us is Sharidir. you can see his videos on my youtube (dizzyfirefly), he usually performs with Nizam and I think he's really good.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Az Samad @

I did shot his 3 play, but too busy to edit. Even the 2 video I uploaded from the book launch is just re-encoding from 1080p to smaller 16:9 ratio.

Thanks for sharing "Sherry" video(s)