March 04, 2008


We played our very first show last Sunday night at 'Ceritaku/Readings', a gig series run by Bernice Chauly at No Black Tie.

Not only were we the only girls onstage, the lineup made our heads bleed: Shaarad Kuttan, Peter Hassan Brown, Reza Zainal, Farish Noor & A. Samad Said. And us. PAK SAMAD OK.

Thank you everyone for showing up and giving overwhelmingly encouraging feedback. It was a lovely crowd, size and response. We are still swooning from being on the same bill as all those intimidating men.

We may not have been political (Shaarad), adorably lucky (Reza Zainal), spontaneously eloquent (Farish Noor) or imbued with the fierce fire of several decades (Pak Samad ok), but it was nice to know that we brought something different to the stage that night.

Thank you Bernice for having us.

Dizzy & The is all systems go, and to prove this we're headlining a gig in The Arts House, Singapore, on March 10. This means we have to concoct a setlist almost twice as long as last night's. Come see.

- dizzy

EDIT: Our set was recorded and mastered by Pojam (thank you!) and is available for download here.

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