June 18, 2008

the appetizer platter

(We'll be putting all audio tracks into this post as easy reference for you and for us)

Bedroom demo recordings:
Immigrant & Interpreter
Urban Sea Gypsies

Live recordings:
First live set at No Black Tie, 02/03/08 (recorded by Pojam)

Prime Number outtakes (complete nonsense, be warned! Hear if you can spot Imam, Paan, Faiz, Johnny, Li and I :D)


dhuat79 said...

Cuba download, but link no longer available la..

The Alia said...

which one? we checked the links and only urban sea gypsies is dead. all the others are still okay.

Anonymous said...

cant download ur songs wahai dizzy&the.. all link r dead aredi..huhu

Mikael said...

uhhh..just heard of u.n got a goosebump..wnted to dl .but only found 404..care to upload again..plzz :)