March 04, 2008

utterly unecessary faq


what is this blog for?
don't know about you but we can't keep up with 3 networking accounts. parking everything here instead is a dramatically sexier option.

when did lightning strike?
at a sleepover.
why did you do two decide to do this?
The Alia likes to do a million music projects at once, and Dizzy has massive stage fright and wanted to find someone to hold her hand onstage by any means necessary. We also thought it would be an interesting way to perform poetry; in a structured musical format as opposed to on its own or with a freestyling guitarist. We also wanted to have fun.
so nothing I saw onstage the other day was freestyle?
Everything was planned to death.

and the name 'Dizzy & The' was the smart idea of... ?
The Alia.

are you two sisters?
not in blood. But we get that allll the time

to make this FAQ a little more necessary, ask us a question. we can keep you anonymous.