March 27, 2008

dizzy & the is not to be confused with:

(a google search results list I made one day)
  • Dizzy and the Other Side (a game?)
  • Dizzy and the Gas House Gang (a book)
  • Dizzy and the Duchess (like so)
  • Dizzy and the Yolkfolk (I have no idea what crackpot thing this is)
  • Dizzy and The Talkie Talkie (on imdb)
  • Dizzy and The Romilars
  • Dizzy, and the angel (a poem by Harvey Taylor mentioning bronchitis)
  • Dizzy & the Water Wheel
  • Dizzy & the Retarded Barnes and Noble (video)
  • Dizzy & The Tit (I don't know what that is, but its on a shopping site)
  • Dizzy & the young Miles Davis (yeah Gillespie!)
  • Dizzy and the Magic Wand
  • Dizzy & the God's Vengeance
  • Dizzy and the Grand Fight
  • Dizzy and the other missing troopers
  • Dizzy and the Emerald Eye
  • Dizzy and Duh
the last one is actually a true story & happens quite often -_-

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