June 25, 2008

recording recap, not relaxed (not just yet)

We went into the studio last night, finally! After many a late-night call from Voldemother demanding I come home to Johnny laying out twisted scenarios so dizzy can be in the right frame of mind, we managed to lay the bare bones of 6 tracks down: Immigrant & Interpreter, Atom Choke, Scarecrow & Songbird, Urban Sea Gypsies, Prime Number, and unexpectedly, No Questions Asked! The tracks are turning out to be more complex in layers than we previously imagined, but it's all very good, it's all very purty.

Johnny has been a huuuge help with arranging and ideas and such. We've broken a few barriers with what he usually has to go through for recordings, but he's taking it all in stride along with his 3-in-1 Nescafe and bags of chips. Recording poetry is a lot harder than we all thought, haha. You will, I promise, be pleasantly surprised to hear how different we sound now that we have all these extra ears listening in. Thank you to Pa'an for being a faithful groupie (groupy?) and of course to Faiz and Imam for the best laugh I've had in a while :)

I will return to the studio in a couple of nights to work on the layers for the tracks already in place, and hopefully start on my solo piano track and Johnny's commission, and yes he commissioned. Off to sleep, study, sleep, study until then!

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