December 29, 2008

o hai pplz.

i am here to inform you that the album is in its final stages of packaging. we're really taking our time, we know, but there's been a lot going on. from being an extra in a malay drama... to just general drama overall. that's another story. anyway. we should, however, have copies ready for when i go to singapore next week for stars! so if any of you singaporeans were to be so kind as to want a copy, please drop us a line at our email and i will bring one for you! and come say hi if you see me, i will reciprocate with bear hugs.

peace. (and have a good 2009!)

ps: in the meantime, we're on katagender as part of their tomboy photo project here.

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Anonymous said...

hey! Just droppin' by to ur blog after saw ur clips in "The Weekend"!
Cool..never heard off poetry and music mixing together! And it touched me! (it seems like Dian Sastro in Ada Apa Dengan Cinta!)

he he he

Hoping to see you guys in the nx performance in KL!

Good Luck!