January 16, 2009

the waiting list

copies left: 137 <-- not so sure anymore, I've lost count - Dizzy purchases pending:
  • Srikasih Febriyanti Supriyadi (1)
  • Uzair Sawal (2)
  • Rocket Queen (1)
  • Farah, California (1)
  • Jin Hackman (1)
  • Fariz NBE (1)
  • Farid Saph (1)
  • Yung Shen Schizzow (1)
  • Johan Nordin (1)
  • Noah Lee, California (1)
  • Lili, New York (1)
  • Noorazah Hanim (1)
  • Mohd Effuan Aswadi (1)
  • Anjanna Kukreja (1)
  • Adam Kasturi (1)
email/facebook/text us for any changes and additions!

we don't have a show coming up soon just yet. Dizzy might have a show in late February; but until then, maybe we'll bump into each other at events, or to be more certain; if you'll be in the area of Curve / Hartamas / Bukit Jalil / KLCC, give us a day's notice or so and we can COD + maybe some makan makan.


ebee said...

i stay nearby the curve! yey.
should i come and pick up the cd?

*srikasih febriyanti supriyadi
(gosh, that's so long.)

dizzy said...

i think alia might be doing that COD! we're discussing details when we meet up tomorrow, so expect your cd sometime next week!

Adam Kasturi said...

one copy of the eps for me dizzy!:)

dizzy said...

adam, COD at Devi's Hartamas okay for you? I can meet you there this weekend.

Debbe said...

Hey, can I get on the waiting list for an EP? I would love one!

dizzy said...

hi Debbe! email us with a way we can meet up with you, and we'll see which one of us can help you out!

NBE said...

muahahaha..namaku didalam list..amg
tunggu gaji k!!