October 06, 2009

Best Electronic/Fusion Act (Solo/Group) — Dizzy & The?

we're pretty blown away that there's space for us in the JunkSounds '09 nomination category, especially since it's regional! Crazy stuff. Of course this means we're up against very, very solid and diverse acts (you think fusion food is confusing? mix all of us together yo), and even our latest music-crush, Tenderfist. Tenderfist rocked our world the last time we saw them, which happened to have us on the line-up as well. They don't even have a release yet but we're standing in line for a trade.

Also, an awesome tweeting byrd we know was there to check them out too, and turns out she's also in on the nominations! So that's Dizzy & The, sidebyside Arabyrd, and Tenderfist, together agaaaain.

And we haven't even talked about the ones from other countries yet...
So. Can we just say upfront that it really is awesome to be nominated?
Because it really is :)
Thanks Junk.

And I don't know about Alia, but I'm not voting for myself. Just seems weird.

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