July 05, 2010

urbanscapes 2010 + palate palette 31 July

We wish we had more stuff to show you from our session under the tree at Urbanscapes, but so far we've only uncovered one video (thank you Wayne!) of strangely enough, Believe Me I Saw It On The Internet. It's a poem to my cat which I wrote because she was trying to walk into the microwave.

What we did different THIS time at our gig was before we started, we passed around bits of paper containing one poem from our setlist. It was randomly assigned and we did spot some people trading poems after the show, which was what we hoped would have happened. In the past we've had people come up to us before saying they missed out on a few words (A GREAT EXAMPLE is the poem Wayne shot because frankly it's a bit crazy).

Maybe we'll do this at all our shows from now on?

See for yourself at Palate Palette, 31 July at 9:30pm. RM15 gets you in with a drink.

(applicable to everyone who isn't perving on Katy Perry the same night, that is)

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