June 27, 2008

in the studio, part trois

I'd like to say that being at the studio for 10 hours straight isn't a picnic, but bonding with our engineer, having Maryam & Zher & Devi drop by, getting Imam to session on No Questions asked, and the general cuddliness of Pa'an made for a very fun night.

Johnny and I worked on Scarecrow & Songbird (turns out this is his favorite track - who knew?) and after much arm-twisting he still refused to play guitars for No Questions Asked, but Imam oh-so-kindly agreed. The result? Misty, moody, near-perfect loveliness yang amat lumayan.

dizzyLi aka Michelle Buble laid down her vocals for Latitude in all of 2 takes and that's it for her basic vocal tracks. All that's left is for Johnny and I to work on the rest of the music tracks and come up with some interludes to pad the poetry and up the mood. Which is actually a lot, come to think of it. This is not going to happen anytime soon though, what with exams coming up next week, but that's okay.

We're putting all of us into this recording. Even we didn't know we could go this far. If we can make a believer out of Johnny, we hope that we can make a believer out of you.

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