July 01, 2008

atom choke, coming to a cinema near you

Dropped by the studio to hand Johnny our first payment last night. What was intended to be a five minute drop-off turned into a half hour session of him telling me how he spent his Sunday. Among other things, he outlined an entire movie plot that walked into his head while he was working on dizzy & the tracks. Aside from the fact that he was working on our tracks voluntarily without complaint, I was floored that he. came. up. with. a. movie. The scenarios that he comes up with to get Li in gear have nothing against what he was envisioning for Atom Choke (the movie, not the poem). Taking elements from all the poems we've recorded so far, the movie he imagined is about an immortal girl hallucinating about the real world, and the details were staggering. Even my sleep later that night was fucked up from it because I kept waking up and imagining the barren landscapes and solar flares, and I'm usually a tido mati kind of person and never toss and turn.

On the way back home, I called Li to tell her all of this and she was speechless. We are really moved that Johnny's this involved and inspired by us (I wasn't kidding when I said we made a believer out of him), and we can't believe our luck that the producer who picked us (and we him) is turning out to be so amazingly cool. There is many an ampersand working on this EP with and for us, but we've come to the conclusion that he deserves the title the most. Thank you Johnny. Really.

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