June 25, 2008

recording means unlearning.

Since I've never read in a studio environment before, it's been a tough, turbulent few nights. I've been trying to unlearn the way I read before, in all the gigs we've performed at as dizzy & the, and all the times I've been onstage solo. The main goal we had walking into the studio was to make it personal. A lot more vulnerable transparent sincere, to let it be something between only us, and you. No one else will be there, no audience. But even in the studio there is an audience, right? So I had to unlearn that as well.

It was an unusual way of doing it; Alia's music is based on my writings, Johnny Thunder's imaginary scenarios are based on her music, then he listens to us, and I listen to him, and read again, and again, push them further & further away but still trying to unite his idea as a listener with mine.

They may be my own words, but I realise I can't project sincerity in the studio totally on my own, as the writer/poet/whatever. It's not about me anymore & I can't ignore the listener completely. I need some kind of balance to really break me down & bridge that writer-listener gap, to bring out the solitude, the frustration, the giddiness of the tracks.

to recap: our album, we want to make it personal. we're going great lengths to get there; to make sure that this is no live gig, no audiobook, worth your money and above all, your time. you haven't heard us like this before.

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