August 20, 2008

merdeka, yaw!

We're probably going to be rather out of place here, but Dizzy & The is performing for the Merdeka Cafe gig (coinciding with the fantastic and cheap Art For Grabs bazaar!) on the 31st of August at The Annexe. Here's the lineup for the day itself:
  1. Peter Hassan + Markiza [1pm – 1.20pm]
  2. 13 Voices In My Head [1.30pm – 1.50pm]
  3. Dizzy & The [2pm – 2.20pm]
  4. Mei Chern [2.30pm – 3pm]
  5. Fathulistiwa Soundscapes [3.30pm – 3.50pm]
  6. Bernice Chauly [4pm to 4.20pm]
  7. Jerome Kugan [4.30pm – 5pm]
So come and watch! On the 30th other amazing folk like Zalila Lee and Priya K will be performing too. I'm probably going for both days.


zaX said...

damn, we just missed you guys on that day...


The Alia said...

takpe takpe, ep dahnak keluar. beli, dan kamu akan dimaafkan :P