September 02, 2008

wayang kata + merdeka cafe

We're so happy that people came out to watch us, especially at No Black Tie for Wayang Kata and its awful weather that night. The reception for both gigs were awesome, we made new friends, and people came up to talk to us after the show with feedback, which we always love.

Thanks especially for people who were there for both shows (Zalila Lee!) and to the organisers for inviting us. So sorry to Rantai that we had to turn down their gig on the 29th. We debuted a new track at both shows called Believe Me, I Saw It On The Internet about my cat and we heard that it was a lot of people's favourite of both sets. Cat lovers are made of win!

We don't know when our next show is again, we're still riding the high of those two. Alia tells me the album will be ready for packaging after Raya, and I plan on making the packaging process itself as snappy and stylish as possible. Hold on tight till after Raya, people, then let go... of a bit of cash. I'm. so. funny.

PS: If anyone has photos and videos of that night we would really appreciate a link!

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