August 19, 2009

did we make your hearts grow fonder?

September 16th at No Black Tie for a Time Out KL gig, come come and watch us after buka. More details as we know them. We're gonna be featured in an interview with them too, will post the link when it's online!

As you saw in our previous post, we were at Cloth & Clef a while ago, and here's the podcast if you missed it. Thank you to our favorite soundman Mac for balancing the recordings so you guys won't go deaf listening to "Believe Me, I Saw It On The Internet", hehe.

SSK's "RM - Rap Melayu" is out! And if you squint at the tracklisting, you'll see that we are guests on the 3rd track "Chenta", also featuring Sipanitera. If not for our awkward geekgirl charm (cough), do get the album; we're big fans of these guys, they're all sorts of awesome :D
(ps: my favorite track is ATFL)

We'll be on 8TV's Quickie at midnight tonight. So if you want to see us caked in makeup and cloaked in even more awkwardness, do tune in! For those outside Malaysia, we'll post up a link to the video if it does get uploaded.

We were almost going to be in Singapore this weekend for a show organized by the amazing Bani Haykal of B-Quartet and his girlfriend Ila, but we do sincerely apologize for not being able to make it, as there were delays and miscommunications. Fret not, however, I (The) will be there next weekend for the rescheduled show - but not to perform though - so say hi if you wanna :)
(will post up a link to the almost-show's flyer once it's out)

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