August 20, 2009

dizzy & the quick quick quickie!

We were just live on TV!
We really were!
But I was really nervous and kept staring away from the camera, so my mother at home thought I was reading something. Fail. My heart was in my throat.

Since I don't know how to embed videos, you can watch us right here yes click right here if you missed it!
(but you'll need to sign up first if you haven't already)

Thank you 8TV, Shaz (for the invitation), Asman (for taking care of us), very cheeky hosts Prem and Henry, Matthew (for calling in), the mask-wearing makeup ladies dan sewaktu dengannya.


Xam Xam said...

Hey,saw u guys at quickie.
Wow.terpukau =D

dizzy said...

haha thanks xam xam. berjaya jugak menghypnotize rupa2nya